Code of Conduct


Employees must treat each other, clients, and vendors in a polite, civil and professional manner.

Always conduct our services honestly and honorably, and expect our clients and vendors to do the same.

The Law
Operate in accord with the spirit, not just the letter, of the law.

Professional Conduct
Conduct all of our activities professionally and with integrity.

Professional Image
All employees agree to adhere to the company dress code.

There is no room for defensive, excuse filled behavior. We expect all employees to focus on taking proactive accountability.

We expect open, honest, and clear dialogue.

Supervisory staff are expected to lead by example and show their subordinates the way.

Employees are expected to be respectful of authority but they may constructively challenge company policies and other employee views in an appropriate fashion, irrespective of rank.

We are never influenced in our decisions, actions or recommendations by gender, race, creed, color, age, sexual preference, or personal disability.

Harassment may take many forms, from overt sexual advances to offhanded remarks, jokes, or gestures. Regardless of intent, harassment is illegal and is strictly prohibited.

Substance Abuse
We are a drug and alcohol free workplace.

Personal Relationships
It is inappropriate for our employees to have a personal relationship beyond friendship with those who are subject to their supervision.

We are committed to maintaining the highest degree of confidentiality in all our dealings with potential, current and past clients.

Fiduciary Duty
The nature of our business results in our Company owing a fiduciary obligation to our clients. Owing a fiduciary obligation requires us to put client interests above our own.

All employees are expected to cooperate with their co-workers and share information for the greater good of the company.

Understand that American corporations, like decent citizens, must operate in ways that serve the core interests of the nation.

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